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What is the document “Learning About Your Company” (the questionnaire) about? This document is sent to you by email when you sign up for a package with automatic billing for 12 months. You fill out information about your company, your market, and your social media accounts. This is a one-time form that you must fill out. Once we receive it, we can create your posts, and manage your social media accounts, depending of your package. 

Why do I have to sign the questionnaire and the document agreement, policies and procedures when I bought a business package, a social media package or some services? We are asking all our customers who bought one of these packages that involve automatic payments to acknowledge that they have read and understand the agreement, policies & procedures, and for the questionnaire to verify that your information is reliable and exact. We work according to a methodology, and the customer needs to know the limits of the services we provide.

May I make some changes in the agreement, policies and procedures before signing it? No. The agreement, policies and procedures are the same for everybody. Our agreement, policies and procedures are on our website for review before buying a package.

Which industries do you serve? Accountants, architectural firms, bakeries, car dealerships, cleaners, clothing stores, construction companies, art & deco. stores, dentists, doctors, electricians, florists, funeral homes, furniture stores, grocery stores, gyms, hair salons, spas, health and beauty companies, hotels, jewelers, juice companies, landscapers, manufacturers, optometrists, pet shops, pharmacies, photographers, plumbers, real estate, restaurants, trade associations, travel agencies, technology industry and veterinarians.

Do you install social media?
Yes. We do open, create and build social media accounts for you but we do not install social media icons on your website. Each address created for your social media accounts can be sent directly to the administrator of your website, and can be added to your "Home" page. We will provide all necessary information like passwords, user ID, or pins to have access to all your social media accounts. You have access to your social media accounts at anytime.

How much does it cost to install a social media account? It is free, as long as you buy one (1) of our packages that includes the social media account you would like to have installed. If you do not want to buy a package but you would like that we install a social media account for you, we charge $125 per social media account. We can add basic information about your business, and add your pictures for the cover and vignette.

May I add pictures, texts or video by myself and press "like" or "sharing" if I buy a package? Yes. You can do what ever you want to do in you social media accounts. There is no restriction. We honor our part of the agreement, and if you want to add more visual, information or even create a post you can do it all. Bigger is Better!

Do you sell only social media in packages? Yes. We sell social media management in packages with a one-year commitment including easy automatic monthly payment for your convenience. We also sell Ready to Go Packages with a one time payment.

What is the difference between the Business Packages, the Social Media Packages and the Ready to Go Packages? The Business Packages are the most complete packages for social media and include the management of all your social media accounts. You choose from 3, 4 or 5 social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. The Social Media Packages  allow you to select separate social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Viadeo, Blogger, Instagram or YouTube. Digital Marketing creates posts for you and sends them to your email address. You only have to upload the posts directly in your social media account. No management of social media accounts is included with these packages. The Ready to Go Packages are the fastest way to upload and publish posts on your social media accounts. Choose between several options for Ready to Go Packages. We add your logo and your website URL on each post, and they are ready to go!

In a package, how many weeks are included per month? All our packages include 4 weeks of activities per month. Not valid for Ready to Go Package.

What are the social media networks that you manage? We have combined the leading social media in packages to maximize your visibility and your message on many platforms at the same time. We offer social media packages with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. We have also Tumblr, Viadeo, Blogger and YouTube.

What happens if one of the social medias that I choose shutdown? For example, if you had Google+ in your package (It shut down in April 2019) we will replace it with another social media of your choice. We have a variety to choose from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram or Viadeo. For Blogger and YouTube, some additional charges may apply.

Do you have Google Analytics? Yes. We offer a Google Analytics package including a report sent once a month.

Do you offer custom packages? Yes. You can create your own package and ask us for a quote for services. Click Here for Quote

Who is going to take care of my accounts? A social media specialist certified in e-marketing.

Is the same person always assigned to manage all my accounts? Yes. Depending on your posting schedule someone else could also be involved to manage your accounts.

How will the person who manages my account communicate with me? The person assigned to your account is going communicate with you by email, once a month, asking you to approve your materials before they are posted online. You can concentrate on what matters to you in your business. We handle the rest.

What do you mean by a "post"? A post is a message shared on social media. A post is not an advertisement. A post is a form of electronic communication to share general information like checklists, trends, ideas (tips and tricks), advice, personal messages (expert opinion, quotes, interesting facts, and motivation), and other content such as questions, did you know, and how to.

How long does it takes before having my first post? Your first post will be ready for you review after we receive the confirmation of your payment. While waiting for payment confirmation, we ask you to answer our questionnaire and to send us quickly all other material (pictures, video, logo, etc.) so we can begin preparatory work. Your payment must always be confirmed each month before you receive posts for your approval.

Which type of content do you publish online? We publish posts, messages, landing pages and blogs. The content we publish online can take different forms such as advice, benefits, best practices, checklists, contests, did you know, expert opinion, how to, interesting facts, motivation, questions, quotes, statistics, step-by-step, tips and tricks, top lists and trends.

Do you publish all sorts of content online? No. We write and publish only content that is acceptable for the social media site. All material and content that is prohibited or illegal (pornography, violence, racism, threatens, harasses, bullies, giving misleading information about a product, a service, a company or an individual, etc.) cannot be published. The same rules apply for pictures and video. We are not liable for any content.

How do you create a post? We look for ideas to stay on trends that maximize your visibility. We do research in your industry and define the topic for the message. We create and develop your content for your messages, posts, tweets, etc. We build different templates to meet all your social media formats and sizes. We include title, short description, content (text), company's logo, picture or video depending on the network requirements. We adjust all the material in proportion inside the template.  We resize your pictures if needed to fit better the space assigned by the network. We choose style of fonts, size of characters, color schemes and backgrounds for the layout. We strive for quality and design to impress your audience.

What else do you add to my posts to improve my visibility? We improve your visibility to the right prospects by adding hashtags, location (geo targeting), languages, keywords and links to your website or a web-page depending of your package.

How does it work for pictures and credits? We take pictures from your website that you must approve before publishing them, or you can send us your additional pictures by email, and we will add them on your posts as needed. Be sure that you own the rights to put all your pictures online because we are not responsible for your picture’s rights. If you want additional pictures for your social media accounts or posts, we can provide pictures between $50 and $125 each. We have a small bank of free pictures with credits depending on the industry.

How come I see similar or identical visual and content to my post online? The exact same picture with credits in your post can be bought by other people too, and it is absolutely legal. Because the same pictures are sold and available to everyone, it is possible that the same picture can reappear somewhere on the web. The same applies for the content, as an example, there are quotes more famous than others that can be repeated across the web.

Can you add a video to my post? Yes. If you have a video already edited and ready to go online and own the rights. One video per post is accepted. Same video published for each social media account. Maximum of 4 or 8 video per month depending of your package. This is included only in some packages.

Can you manage my YouTube Channel? Yes. We have a special package for YouTube management. Click here to learn more

What is an holiday or national special day? Digital Marketing writes optional posts and messages for holidays, recognition or special days if it is included in your package description. The content can take different forms such as New Year's Day, Martin Luther King’s Birthday, Groundhog Day, Super Bowl, Chinese New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, President's Day, Mardi Gras, International Women's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Earth Day, April Fool's Day, Patriot's Day, Easter, Administrative Professionals Day, Cinco de Mayo, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Father's Day, Mother’s Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Constitution Day, Columbus Day, Boss's Day, Make a Difference Day, Halloween, Daylight Savings Time, Veteran's Day, Universal Children's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Poinsettia Day, Winter Solstice Day, Christmas, and even weird holidays like National Spaghetti Day (for Restaurants), National Love your Pet Day (for Veterinarians and Groomers) and, National Running Day (for Fitness Centers & Gyms). Other holidays or events are offered if applicable in your industry. If a post is not used in your package for a month, there is no raincheck, it cannot be added to another month or exchanged. There is no refund or substitution for posts/messages that are not used in a package.

I have in my package an optional holiday or optional short message. I would like to know what are my other options? If you don't want your optional item in a package, Digital Marketing will replace it by a general post that can take different forms such as advice, did you know, interesting facts, motivation, questions, quotes, statistics, tips and tricks, top lists and trends. There is no refund, raincheck, or substitution for items that are not used in a package.

I bought a Ready to Go Package may I make some changes in my posts? The Ready to Go Package is sold as is. There is no modification. The only thing to add is your logo and website URL. The Business Packages (Basic, Essential & Ptofessional) and Social Media Packages (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) offer plans with changes and modifications for posts/messages.

May I make some changes in my content? Yes. We accept limited light revisions requested before publishing your post online if it is included in your package.

What happens if I still don't like my post after revision / before publishing?  There is no raincheck. We recycle one of your past posts and update it to be published. We don't want you to lose your time window on social media. It's important to understand there is a deadline each month to publish your post, and our goal is always to offer you the best service possible by keeping you online. Take Note: A post/template rejected by you is the propriety of Digital Marketing until published and cannot be used under any circumstances or you will be prosecuted. Digital Marketing owns all rights to a rejected post and can dispose and recycle the post for other client accounts.

What happens if I want to make more changes in my text once it has been published? We can remove your first message from all your social media accounts and replace it with what will count as your second monthly message. Please note: A message published online will leave traces on the web even if it has been removed from your social media.

I have a good idea and would like to write a message, may I? Yes, of course! This is your social media account, you can add pictures or video, create posts at any time. You don't have to ask for our permission. You still can do what you want with your social media accounts. During that time, Digital Marketing SLR Group is going to continue to honor the agreement and deliver your posts according to the package you selected.

I want to go in my account to look at the setting, may I? Yes. All the social media accounts belong to you and we encourage you to follow our work if you have time. We have nothing to hide and if you have a question, we will be happy to answer it.

Do I approve my material before publishing? All messages and material must be approved by you before publishing.

How many times will I have to approve my material during the year? Each month, you will receive by email material to be approved by you before it is published online.

What happens if I don’t answer on time to approve my posts? We have a schedule to meet for each message delivered online. If you are not timely in approving your posts, the schedule is delayed, and we cannot recapture the days that we have lost and may lose our posting window for that month. We suggest considering appointing an assistant who can approve the material when you are absent to avoid any undesirable delays. All messages and material must be approved by you or a person assigned and authorized by you within 48 hours after your posts was sent by Digital Marketing to your email address before anything is published.

Are you tracking progress after a posting is sent? Yes. We track the progress after your messages are posted and make adjustment if needed depending on the response of your audience. This is valid only for some packages.

Tell me more about the monthly  analytics report? The monthly analytics report is a concise snapshot of activity on your website. We track your audience, number of clicks, and other metrics useful to define the level of the success of your posts and messages. For more information click here

Do you offer a Google Analytics Report? Yes.  We measure growth including engagement, followers and traffic. For more information click here

Do you offer Photoshop or Graphic Design Services? Yes. We can add or erase an object, crop and straighten a photo, correct unwanted colors, combine items to get the selection you want, change part of an image by adding special effects, combine pictures to make one, create a photo vignette, add hand-colored art like paintbrush and much more. Our rate is $75 per hour. For a quote, send us your material and requirements.

What is the calendar of activities included in my package? This is a calendar of all your activities on your social media. Each package comprises 4 or 8 brand new messages per month that we deliver to your audience. The calendar keeps you informed about which message is online throughout your social media platforms.

What is the schedule for social management? This document contains information about scheduling, posts, and reposts. For each social media account, you will know exactly at which day and time your messages are published online. Strategically there are hours better than others to post, tweet, blog or send a message, and we adapt your schedule to maximize each social media.

What is your strategic planning process or roadmap document? This is a document that describes our methodology of work. It explains each strategic step that we take to manage your social media. We guide you through each step of our process on the roadmap on how we manage your social network during a month. It is essential for your success. The roadmap is available only in some packages.

In which format are documents sent?  WORD, EXCEL, .PDF, and .JPEG formats are the most common formats used, but we have other programs and formats available to tailor your needs.

What do you mean by “network optimization”? We review online your setting and activation structure like the meta description, URL, tags and more to optimize each section of your accounts and define clearly all the parameters in each social media platform configuration to improve your digital activities.

What do you mean by keywords research? We research keywords to achieve better rankings in search engines like Google, Yahoo, AOL, Ask and Bing. When people search on the web, they put words in a search engine and a list appears on the screen with the result of their search. We research keywords related to your industry to maximize the chance that the words used in the search engines are going to give you a better chance to be found. We apply them on your posts and messages. Keywords research for a post, as an example, are usually used in titles and content.

Could you explain what is the “directories” package? The Directories Package increases your visibility by adding or reviewing up to 25 online directories with your business information when people do a search online about your industry. If you are not listed on directories, prospects cannot call you or buy your products or services. Learn more click here

Can you offer content for the Blogger Platform? Yes. Click Here for sample blogger packages.

How does it work if I buy 2 or 3 blogs? We send you a minimum of 5 summaries of blog text related to your industry. You select 2 or 3 summaries that interest you. We contact the professional writers of the summarizes you selected, and buy the rights to release the text. Once we have obtained the rights release, we build the layout for the position of the content and the picture in the template. We select fonts, colors, put your logo and create links and wait for your approval before publishing. Take note: once you have chosen your selection of summarized texts and we send you the entire text (blog) you cannot exchange it for another one. We must pay the author to release the text and once it has been paid, they don’t refund it.  For additional information

Do you have some examples of summaries for a blog that I can read? Yes. Click here

I would like to know in which format do I have to send my customer database for my marketing emails? You must send us your list of clients in Excel format. Maximum database size: 1,000 contacts.

I would like to send marketing emails, but I don’t have a list of clients? If you don't have a list, we can provide a lead list with potential clients at an additional cost.

Could you explain what a landing page is? A landing page is a standalone web page created to promote a product/service or make an advertising campaign about your company or to create specific marketing events. Your targeted market is brought to the landing page where they must take an action (Ex.: click to direct them on a page on your website, sign-up, etc.).

Can I pay for my packages with checks or another type of payment than credit cards? Sorry, but we don’t accept checks or other type of payments! We accept only payment made by credit cards through PayPal.

What credit cards are accepted for payment? Master Card, Visa, Discover, and American Express.

What is the cycle of automatic payment? Once a month your credit card will be charged for our services.

Why are you asking for 1-year commitment with some social management packages? We are asking for 1-year commitment because our work methodology contains several strategic marketing steps that when planned and completed over a year can produce better results.

May I cancel my subscription if I don’t need it anymore? Yes. If after 60 days (2 months) from the starting date of the Agreement, you are not satisfied with the services provided by Digital Marketing SLR Group for any reason, you can cancel any time with a written notice sent by email prior to 45 days before your next monthly payment so we can make sure the cycle of automatic billing stops.

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