$75 USD per week

This package includes:

No set-up fee to install YELP

We improve your company's visibility by adding your information on YELP

We optimize and update your business information each month

We add your pictures

We can add for you four (4) short texts each month (ex.: Menu Items' Special)

We monitor comments and reviews (But do not answer them)

We contact you when you have bad comments and reviews about your products/services

             We don't give you advice on how to handle bad comments or reviews because of the liabilities attached to it but we can write your answers in the respond section (We are not responsible for your answers.)

Automatic monthly payment for your convenience

Cancel anytime with a written notice sent by email

Your signature is required on the questionnaire and also on the agreement documents. 

To learn more about the questionnaire CLICK HERE and for our agreement documents CLICK HERE

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Take Note: Once your account is opened with Yelp it cannot be removed and closed. Yelp has no policy for cancellation.

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Second, you MUST create a FREE PAYPAL ACCOUNT, if you don't have one, to be able to pay by credit cards.

VERY IMPORTANT:  Third, you MUST send us an email  to: with a contact name, company name, company address and the email address where to send your Yelp information.

Yelp Package: $75.00 USD per week

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