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8 Samples of Text for the Food Industry


1) Special Sauces and the 5 Minute Gourmet

We all think sauces are only done by trained chefs. But they are easy for everyone to make and can enliven any meal with little effort. Most popular sauces, even ones we think are complicated, can be made in only five minutes. Here's how.


2) Wine Tasting Like a Pro

Wine tastings are a great way to meet new people in an informal social setting. But most of us shy away from them because we don't know wines or the etiquette. But these few key points about wine tasting events can make them an enjoyable experience for anyone.


3) Taste Bud Healthy, Pocketbook Friendly Food

Every day has a new food trend, a new nutrition tip, and a new strain on your wallet. It doesn't have to be that hard to eat healthy and well. These new trends can actually give you a healthier diet at a great taste and a fair cost.


4) Bulk Buying Benefits

There are benefits to buying foods in bulk - some foods. For saving money and getting a healthy, balanced diet, here are your top ten bulk food buys.


5) Put the Frosting on Your Cake

We all buy pre-packaged frosting because we don't know that we already have the ingredients and can make our own just as easily and in more tasty varieties from just one basic mix. Here's how to get started and easily concoct a full team of treats.


6) The Seafood Secret

Whether you're dining out or in, seafood can be a treat. But the secret is as much the season as the seasoning -
every seafood has its prime season. For the best seafood, learn about the season when the catches are running at their freshest for the best in home or restaurant dining.


7) The Hidden History of Coffee

It's everywhere - but do you know coffee was banned in the past? Or that it contains key vitamins and minerals? A quick coffee history can give you a new view on this old beverage.


8) Your At Home SteakHouse

Restaurant steaks are great - and pricey. But you don't have to leave home for the perfect steak. A little preparation and a little practice can give you steak perfection in your own kitchen every time.


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