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Question - Jewelry Store

QUESTION - Jewelry Store

Nails Salon - Tips

TIPS - Nails Salon


FACEBOOK AD - Clothing Store


ADVICE - Restauramt

Benefits- Groceries - Copy

BENEFITS - Food Store

Doctor Office

CHECKLIST - Doctor Office

Contest - General

FACEBOOK AD - Restaurant

DID YOU KNOW - Dentist

DID YOU KNOW - Dentist

Quote - Nail & Spa Studio

QUOTE - Nails Salon

Did you know - Vet and Pet Store

DID YOU KNOW - Vetenarian & Pet Store

Deco Store - Tricks

TRICKS - Gifts & Deco. Boutique

Landscaping - Tip

QUOTE - Landscaping Company


FACEBOOK AD - Restaurant



ADVICE - Shoes Store

ADVICE - Shoes Store

QUOTE - Beauty Salon

QUOTE - Beauty Salon

TOP LIST - Dentist

TOP LIST - Dentist

Statistics - Aerobic Center

STATISTICS - Aerobic Center

BAKERY - Did you know


Top List - General

TOP LIST - General

DID YOU KNOW - Headhunter Firm

Roofing Company - Tip

TIP - Roofing Company

QUESTION - General

QUESTION - Car Dealership


TRICKS - Hotel

© Copyright 2021 Digital Marketing SLR Group. All Rights Reserved.

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 A post is a message shared on social media. A "regular" post cannot be used as an advertisement. A post is a form of electronic communication to share general information like checklists, trends, ideas, tips and tricks, advice, personal messages, expert opinion, quotes, interesting facts, motivation, and other content such as questions, did you know, and how to. A post gives general information about your industry and allows the readers to take action by clicking on the link to your website for more information about you and your company. A post is an easy way to increase your market share, and let people know that you are the expert in your industry by sharing your knowledge and advice. Using a regular post as an advertisement is prohibited on all social media platforms. You can have your account temporarily closed.  If you want to promote your business on social media, you must buy advertisements. We offer the Visibility Plan to address your advertisement needs on social media.